Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement

Performance Enhancement

Neurofeedback not only helps with intellectual performance; but also, it is also very helpful for sports performance enhancement. Improving concentration and attention, reducing anxiety, and improving control over emotions are all benefits of Neurofeedback for performance enhancement.

Athletes frequently suffer from head injuries, concussions and physical balance issues. Depending on what sport a person plays, requires different mental and physical skills. Research is getting increasingly more sophisticated and can possibly identify the specific part of the brain that is accessed for any given particular required skill.

American Board of Sport Psychology

The Journal of the American Board of Sport Psychology has documented research regarding the success of Neurofeedback for peak performance in athletes. Also, there are Olympic Athletes and World Renowned Soccer Teams that benefit from Neurofeedback therapy. Additionally, it is not only sports performance that Neurofeedback can help; but also, Musical or Artistic performances as well.

Clinical studies have demonstrated successful performance enhancement in musicians and actors. Many people describe it as a sensation of getting into their ‘zone’ for optimal performance. Neurofeedback is able to help the brain reach optimal functioning whether there is a present abnormality or not.

Even if a person has an optimally functioning brain, Neurofeedback will still enhance the activity and skill level of that person. That is why Neurofeedback is recommended for everyone, whether they have a specific mental health condition or they are looking to optimize their performance.

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