Medication Management Las Vegas

Medication Management Las Vegas

Medication Management Las Vegas

Talk Therapy and Prescription Medication for Adults and Adolescents

Medication management is a service designed to help individuals manage their medications, so it improves their quality of life.  However, if you are not feeling well or taking multiple medications, the process can be difficult.  At times, a Psychiatrist needs to check for quantity of the specific medicine and to regulate it according to the mental and physical of a patient.  If medications aren’t taken properly and the quality of life does not improve, it can actually have a reverse effect where health and quality can decline.

The benefits of being regulated with your medications is as follow:

Improved the patient use of all medications, the frequency and time

Improved patients health goals of getting better and faster

Reduced side effects and complications of mixing drugs

Decreased medical costs in reducing potential admittance to emergency rooms visits and hospitalizations

Our Team of Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioner and Licensed Therapists would like to warmly welcome you to our online tele Psychiatry and Therapy. Our number one goal is to provide the highest level of care and welfare to our Clients in order to overcome mental illness and mental challenges.

Neurofeedback is used to enhance overall brain function. You have the potential to improve work or school performance, learning ability, self-esteem and overall social behavior by affecting arousal, attention processes, mood and overall functional regulation.

Psychologists and Psychotherapists are using Neurofeedback as a Treatment Method for their Clients stating that ‘Talking about Problems can take years and Medications have terrible side effects.

There are numerous conditions that Neurotherapy helps with especially ADD/ADHD, Sleeping Disorders, and Brain Injuries.  Depending on your individual needs, Neurofeedback trains the energy in the brain for optimal brain functioning.  Click here to see who we can help treat with Neurofeedback to minimize and resolve conditions.

Pain Management Las Vegas, Neurofeedback is a safe and effective alternative to Psychotherapy and Medication.

Chronic Pain

Findings suggest that many people experience reductions in pain and improvements in cognitive capacities. Neurofeedback is able to balance the brain


Schizophrenia or ‘split mind’ condition has been one of the most challenging psychiatric disorders to treat. Medication and cognitive behavioral.

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