Addiction and Substance Abuse

Misconceptions and Judgement is Left at the Door!

Addiction is a chronic but treatable illness that requires a supportive and constructive environment. Individual therapy will give you insight into the cause of your addiction and the tools to effectively manage it. A No-Pressure Environment to discuss all your treatment options with Therapists and Doctors of Medicine.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Addiction Therapy can Include:

Addiction counseling and talk therapy

Addiction recovery through medication such as Buprenorphine

Withdrawal medication such as Suboxone

Behavioral modification therapy

Relapse prevention

You will never feel pressure to add prescription medication or treatment, but you can take comfort in knowing the option is available under our care. If you choose pharmacological support, we will explain all details of your medication and work closely with you to find the right course. Through psychotherapy and medication our team will expertly lend the support you need to overcome obstacles.

According to many studies, Alpha-Theta neurofeedback has effectively demonstrated a high success rate with many different kinds of addiction. From alcoholism to cocaine users. Since there are different kinds of addictions, depending on the individual, there are different protocols developed accordingly. For example, alcoholics typically have lower ‘theta’ waves than cocaine addicts who have higher ‘theta’ waves.

As in all cases of neurofeedback it is necessary to tailor the protocol to the specific addiction of the individual and the same holds true for addiction. If a client has high theta and low beta waves then a Doctor will work with them to lower the ‘theta’ waves and increase the ‘beta’ waves. The idea is to bring the brain waves to a balanced state where the individual is less reactive to stressful stimuli and therefore less likely to relapse into drinking, illegal drug use, or any addictive state that they had before neurofeedback.

One very noteworthy fact about neurofeedback is that studies have shown that there is a lower relapse rate for groups treated with this treatment than groups not treated with neurofeedback. Groups that are not treated with neurofeedback relapse about 75% and groups that are treated with only relapse about 25%. That is a very significant difference between the two groups and strongly implies neurofeedback is a superior therapy for addiction than clinical psychology has to offer.


Addiction is a chronic but treatable illness that requires a supportive and constructive environment. Individual therapy will give you insight into.

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