Bio-Psychosocial Evaluations

Bio-Psychosocial Evaluations

Having Big Picture information will allow for Big Picture application!

Bio-Psychosocial Evaluations or Behavioral Evaluations are given at the beginning of treatment. A series of questions as well as scenarios to obtain information about how the client is doing physically, socially, and psycho-socially. We separate the issues from each other using this information so that affiliated symptoms stand alone. With the intention to establish the best treatment plan for the client’s specific needs. For example, treating a client with addiction without looking into family or social history can only treat one side of the equation. To benefit our clients we want to get a big picture to apply all aspects to your treatment. We must consider all factors, including your opinion when forming a strategy. As a result, our doctors assess and speak with you about your treatment plan.


Addiction is a chronic but treatable illness that requires a supportive and constructive environment. Individual therapy will give you insight into. ent


We, at TeleHealth Psychiatry have the technology to map out your brain function with QEEG and collect data. We actually measure the amount, types andfrequencies.


Attention and hyperactivity disorders effects people of all ages. Adults can be more difficult to pinpoint, for instance it is easy for adults.


Schizophrenia or ‘split mind’ condition has been one of the most challenging psychiatric disorders to treat. Medication and cognitive behavioral.

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