Welcome to Tele Health Psychiatry, the leading company in providing Tele Psychiatry services to all remote area of Nevada, with affiliation with Balanced Mind Center

Our number one goal here is to provide the highest level of care to our clients who can't access quality care and who live in all areas within Nevada.

Our team of Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Behavioral and Mental Health Therapists will help you overcome your mental illness and Mental Health challenges. Whether you struggle with mental illness, simple ADHD, medication management, enhance your overall performance or mental health, we have the expertise you are looking for.

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Welcome to Tele Health Psychiatry

proudly serving Nevada, Las Vegas & all Rural Nevada

Mental health training is like going to the gym or eating healthier.  When you help your physical health, you also help your mental health and the opposite is true.  Mental activities are like physical activities.  It  makes you stronger and enable you to focus better.  Mental health should not be a negative stigma. Above all, we believe that physical health and mental health go hand and hand.  Our doctors provide an evidence-based and best practice models in our program.  As a result, our clients can receive our comprehensive treatment anywhere they are comfortable.  Our state of the art Tele Health Psychiatry allows all Nevada residents to receive online therapy sessions in their homes, office, school, or other public location.
Furthermore, we serve clients of all ages and their families. Our wide ranges of services will allow us to treat our client’s individual needs as well as group needs. Our services include Psychotherapy & Psychiatry.

Tele Health Psychiatry

Tele Health Psychiatry offers a wide range of psychiatrist and Psychological Therapy services out of our office in Las Vegas. Our Licensed Family Mental counselors provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary Mental Health care. Our Las Vegas office services all residents who live in Nevada. Our Psychiatrist Team have a variety of mental health professionals ready to assist you at a moments notice. Our Office and staff will provide a safe, confidential and caring environment for all your mental health needs, from medication management to adult and child mental health therapist, all on line services. Tele Health Psychiatry goals is to improve your quality of life. With over 100 years of accumulated psychiatric and mental health experience among our providers, Tele Health Psychiatry is committed to its role in providing innovative, holistic, practical and effective treatment for its clients. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures each client can achieve the full potential of themselves

Please contact us at +(702) 323-1323 to schedule an online Tele Health assessment or therapy.